Daria Petrilli

My women exceed the enchantment  of the Risorgimento, pushed by thought. They project themselves in a Pop Surrealista dream obsession.




Daria Petrilli, Lives and works in Rome. Her  works take inspiration by her  profession of editorial illustrator, with a specialization in  children drawing. Active for years in the publishing world, she is the author of children’s illustrations for publishing companies  such as De Agostini, Fatatrac, RCS Giunti, Bloodaxebooks, Helbling languages, Motus, Oxford Publishing Scholastic, Paramond and Tai Chen. The awards obtained in her artistic career are several, such as the Accademia Pictor Award of Turin in the years 2006/2007/2008. He is a member of the Italian illustrators association and winner of the awards for recognition of his work from 2005 to 2008. Her works have been shown  in national and international exhibitions: she took part  in numerous exhibitions and competitions from Bologna to Theran, from Turin to Lisbon. Her artistic panels were used to edit limited series of Fine Art, book illustrations, magazine covers, advertising and communication campaigns. Her creative ability to give birth to an  armonious “ansamble” has allowed her to design fashion collections and to design  product lines for prestigious companies such as Shiseido.

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They are captured in digital illustrations, a technique that reworks images. The result is a figurative imagery that evokes classical art while drawing on digital production. The artist is deliberately provocative: “I reworks photographs with digital painting interventions, I create a collage … a triumph of Photoshop. I could have also used traditional instruments, but these illustrations were born as a personal amusement and I made them without the vetoes of a client and in the most immediate way.   I hope to produce some more if I am not interrupted too often by what is outside my Mac screen! “.





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