It’s easy to fall in love with  Daria Petrilli’s female creations. They are surreal, ethereal and unreacheable. They have tapered fingers as a masterpiece by Bronzino and they dream, gently stretched out on warming petals. Women are at the center of the works, framed in intimate, surreal atmospheres; they are dreamlike images that tell stories of loneliness. Often they have lowered eyes but, when they raise it, their gaze pierces you! These ladies are  depicted in scenes with animals, they are ladies with twentieth-century dresses or pale Victorian beauties, who stand motionless, as if they are petrified. They appear as  strange beings with wings and feathers, shells and flowers which are adorning their bodies. Daria, alone in front of her painter canvas, draws her imagination. She creates passions and obsessions, her  subjects are “ampoules of emotions. “ Her protagonists, almost magnetic, invite you to go beyond the line  that separates the dream from reality. Her ladies, like Raphael’s cherubs, are familiar with docile birds. These little animals are, however, different from the birds of the  paradise because, in Petrilli’s masterpieces , they are messengers of primordial obsessions. Flamingos and parrots, robins, flocks of geese and stiff kingfishers  that, even if they are not worthy of the garden of Eden, at least are worth purgatory, they seem to be able to sublimate the limits that the technique imposes on the imagination of the author. They are captured in digital illustrations, a technique that reworks images. The result is a figurative imagery that evokes classical art while drawing on digital production. The artist is deliberately provocative: “I reworks photographs with digital painting interventions, I create a collage … a triumph of Photoshop. I could have also used traditional instruments, but these illustrations were born as a personal amusement and I made them without the vetoes of a client and in the most immediate way. I hope to produce some more if I am not interrupted too often by what is outside my Mac screen! “. Her style blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination with an elegant and sublime language, which plays on the “file rouge of ambiguity”. Daria Petrilli is a woman and a borderline artist between the charm of the Italian Renaissance and the underground language of Pop Surrealism



Daria Petrilli, Lives and works in Rome. Her works take inspiration by her  profession of editorial illustrator, with a specialization in  children drawing.


Exhibitions, Publications

Daria Petrilli participated, exhibited and published worldwide. She  is a Member since 2005 of the Italian Illustrators. Association and she is the winner of the Awards for the recognition of her work in 2005,2006,2007,2008. 



Piazza S. Maria Ausiliatrice 38
00181 Rome Italy